I’m on a trip, I can’t get off, can’t get over

Hello and welcome to a new Music Monday!

It’s pretty grey outside and my office building can’t seem to decide what the temperature should be inside (I feel like Katy Perry – I’m both hot and cold), but it doesn’t even matter because I just started my morning by listening to The Maine.


Kennedy, Jared, John, Pat, and Garrett.

I like this picture because it’s from before Garrett’s beard took over his entire face. No, seriously. Last time we saw them (in June), we were confused by the mountain man playing the bass…

Anyway, I knew this week’s post would be about The Maine, but I had a hard time picking which video to share. I do so love the “Into Your Arms” video, but there’s something special about the one for “Inside of You”:

Personally, I like how “artsy” it is – the black and white funeral scenes interspersed with the colourful carnival parts.

Plus, on a more superficial note, John O’Callaghan + guy-liner + fake screaming (near the end) = me fangirling everywhere.

They were one of the bands where, the first time I listened to them, I thought, “GOOD HEAVENS, I LOVE THIS MAN’S VOICE”, and then, several months later, the first time I watched one of their videos, I thought, “GOOD HEAVENS, I LOVE THIS MAN’S FACE.” But I digress.

They’re also a band that has matured and changed a lot over the course of their four studio albums. Their progression over their 6-7 years as a band has been so insane, it’s mind-blowing to listen to the albums in chronological order and hear how much they’ve changed. Basically, The Maine is a band that AGES really well.

It’s worth noting that their last two albums, Pioneer and Forever Halloween were both self-funded after they left their record label in 2011. It shows how much the band cares about their fans: they’re more than willing to use their own money to make sure they put out the best album they can, instead of squashing their creativity to make a label happy.

And to see them in concert is a thing of beauty. The energy, the setlist, their playful banter (last time, John encouraged the audience to “Grab the world by its loins” and then had to pause because the mental image made him laugh) – every time I think they’ve put on their BEST SHOW EVER, they outdo themselves the next time they roll through town.

So here’s to many more years of The Maine. I’ll probably talk about them again – because really, how could I not? – but if you haven’t heard of them, I strongly encourage you to give them a listen.

There is only one thing in life worse than being talked about, and that is not being talked about:

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