Ticket stubs and your diaries

Wednesday night concerts are a weird, yet wonderful, phenomenon. It seems so random to go to a show in the middle of the week – and yet, that means you break up your week in the best way possible.

As you can probably guess, I went to a concert last night. It was Bastille’s FIRST EVER CANADIAN SHOW (they’re British), and it was excellent!

I’m incapable of rating shows in a normal way (i.e. my emotions pretty much range from “I LOVED IT” to “I LOVED IT SO MUCH I CAN’T TALK”), so this isn’t a review so much as a recap.

Will, Chris, Dan, Kyle (I may have mixed up Will/Kyle. I apologize).

When Bastille first announced their show earlier this year (probably in the spring), we contemplated going. By the time Ro and I made up our minds, they had sold out the Opera House. We were disappointed until we found out that demand was so high, they moved the show to the Phoenix…which then sold out as well (thankfully after we got tickets).

I’ve been to sold out shows at the Phoenix before (The Maine has played there 3 years straight and sold out all 3 times), but this show was huge! Maybe it’s because we were further back than usual, but the audience was crazy-packed – and so enthusiastic (which was nice because there’s nothing worse than an unenthusiastic crowd). They barely stopped screaming from the time the lights went off (before Bastille came on stage) to when the lights came back on after the encore.

There were two opening bands: Nightmare & The Cat, who were okay even though the singer was a little creepy (sparkly button-down pseudo-disco style shirts should be left in the 70s. Also swinging your hips doesn’t work for everyone. I’m sorry), and Little Daylight (who insisted on a three minute long instrumental introduction even though they just the opening band).

This is sort of what Little Daylight sounded like, except the lead singer was a girl.

Bastille didn’t go on until 10:15, but it was worth waiting! They only have one album (this year’s Bad Blood), which meant they played almost every track plus two covers, “What Would You Do” (City High) and “Rhythm of the Night” (Corona). One of my favourite moments was “These Streets”. I love the song to begin with, but Ro and I agreed that it was AMAZING live.

They didn’t talk much, and I have to admit I missed half of what Dan did say, but they were fantastic entertainers! During “Flaws”, Dan left the stage and sauntered along the bar counter, heading towards the over-19 area at the back of the club. One girl jumped up to sing with him and he graciously didn’t push her away (which is what I would have done), but also didn’t let her get in his way as he walked the entire length of the counter. When he reached the end, he jumped down into the crowd (he was only a few feet away from us!) and tried to walk up the stairs to the upper level balcony but his microphone wire stopped him short. Instead of walking back over the counter to the stage, he purposely walked through the crowd. Needless to say, people lost their minds.

The incredible thing was, his singing didn’t falter. Not once during the entire walk back and forth, even when he was (probably) engulfed by giddy fans. It was impressive.

The things we lost in the fire fire fire.

I always feel somewhat honoured when bands say it’s their first time in Canada, and I would definitely see them again.

SIDENOTE: one of the highlights of the journey home were the two transvestite hookers who were actually standing at a corner in heels and short skirts. I thought that just happened in movies. But they were real and they were fascinating.

There is only one thing in life worse than being talked about, and that is not being talked about:

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