Full throttle heavy metal, set the bar next level

Last week, I found out that the lead singer of one of my favourite bands had left to pursue other musical endeavors (producing and remixing or something) plus spend more time with his family.

Naturally, I knew I had to dedicate today’s post to them

Nadaddy, Crouton, Soul Glow Activatur, ChapStique, and Fatty.

AKA Nathan, Jacob, Solomon, Derek, and Joshua.

As you can see, they all have “gangster” names, and, like any true fan, I only ever refer to them by those nicknames.

Something you need to know:

Soul Glow is the older brother of Crouton and Fatty (who are twins). All five of them are in their early thirties, even though Soul Glow doesn’t look like it (also: one time he compared himself to Loki as played by Tom Hiddleston which meant that the first time I watched The Avengers, that’s all I could think).

Last week, they made the announcement that Soul Glow would be leaving the band (to spend more time with his family and to focus on other aspects of the music business) and Crouton would be taking over lead vocals. Since he was their drummer, this meant that they also had to get a new drummer, nicknamed Hollywood (real name: Teddy):

The new Family Force 5. Personally, I’m still trying to get used to it.

I’ve seen FF5 twice, both times at a Christian music festival. Because yes, they are a Christian band, which isn’t usually my thing, but they’re different. For one, their songs aren’t blatantly obvious. They sing about anything and everything, and they fall into all sorts of genres: pop, punk, hip hop, dance, electronic, crunk rock, even a little bit of metal. It’s a beautiful thing to hear.

Their live shows are unbelievable, especially if you’re surrounded by people who haven’t heard of them, because it’s hilarious to see the looks on their faces when Soul Glow comes running out wearing plushy Hulk hands, or when Crouton stands on top of his drum set, or basically any time Chap Stique does anything (he’s a guitarist) because he’s probably the most “metal” of the bunch. It’s also ridiculously entertaining any time they teach you a new dance – and they have a few, including the Wobble, the Zombie, and, most recently, the Chainsaw:

At the 2:34-ish mark, Soul Glow’s son Cash makes an appearance. That kid is precious.

I’m always sad when someone leaves a beloved band, but Soul Glow has assured fans that he’ll still be involved somehow – whether it’s writing or producing or remixing.

Although, if this little clip is anything to go by, the new FF5 is going to be fantastic – maybe not the same as the old version, but fantastic nonetheless:

There is only one thing in life worse than being talked about, and that is not being talked about:

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