You are creating all the bubbles at night

Generally when I’m at a concert, the crowd is mostly female, between the ages of 15 and 25, heights ranging between 5′ and 5’9″. When there are guys, they’re rarely alone – most of them are draped around their girlfriends (don’t even get me started on how much I hate couples at shows…).

Not so with Friday’s Biffy Clyro show. There, the crowd was largely male, mid-twenties and up, and all 7′ tall! Okay, maybe not 7′, but most of them were at least a head taller than me (I’m barely 5’4″).

The problem with being in a crowd of “adults” is the fact that half of them are drunk and the other half are obnoxious. Or worse – they’re drunk AND obnoxious (there was one drunk girl who fell over a railing and it would have been hilarious except she almost knocked me over).

Nonetheless, it was a fantastic show.

The opening band, Morning Parade was British and quite fun although I couldn’t understand half of what they said because of the raucous crowd. But I’ve already added them to my list of music to download.

Biffy Clyro took the stage at 10:15pm.

Simon, Ben and James (Ben and James are twins). It was very difficult to find a picture of them with clothes on (I don’t think they’ve ever worn shirts on stage).

They’re from Scotland and you can still hear Simon’s accent when he sings, which is actually delightful. And while listening to their albums often induces head-banging (or at the very least, energetic bopping), their live show is something else entirely.

Despite playing a relatively small venue (the Opera House), you can tell they’re destined for arenas. I saw them in April when they opened for Muse, and I think they’re better suited for venues like the ACC where they can just let their talents explode (the lightning was fantastic). Biffy is huge in the UK right now, so they’re probably used to playing massive arenas (I think they’ve played Wembley, or at least the O2), but that made seeing them in an intimate venue even better.

We were standing close to the back and often lost sight of them as they careened around the stage, but their stage presence is massive. They took over the Opera House and didn’t let go until the very end of their last song (19 songs in total!).

There’s a girl, there’s a girl, there’s a girl, there’s a girl, and she’s down by the river.

I have to admit Ro and I may have been a little distracted throughout the first half of the set because SAM MCTRUSTY from Twin Atlantic was in the crowd. We’ve seen Sam tweet about being at shows in Toronto before (he told us it’s because his girlfriend lives here) so we had been joking about it earlier (“Can you imagine if we see McTrusty? I WILL DIE.”). AND THEN HE SHOWED UP and we sort of stared at him in open-mouthed shock until we finally ambushed him at the bar so that we could fangirl over him and his band.

Look at this smile and tell me you wouldn’t squeal when you hear his Scottish accent. LOOK AT HIM.

He was actually really sweet and chatted with us for a bit AND HIGH-FIVED ME BECAUSE WE SHARE AN AWESOME NAME (I’ve never loved my name more than I did that night).

But I digress.

Biffy Clyro was excellent and I will definitely be seeing them again. No, literally – I’m seeing them again at the end of November. And since I highly doubt Sam McTrusty will be at that show too, I’ll probably pay more attention and be able to give a better review.

There is only one thing in life worse than being talked about, and that is not being talked about:

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