My car smells like chocolate

Happy (Canadian) Thanksgiving!

This year, I am especially grateful for what I’m referring to as my TRIFECTA of shows. Over the course of 3 days, I will attend 3 different concerts (thus fulfilling one of my life goals).

Sunday (yesterday) was the start of this TRIFECTA, and we saw The 1975.


I honestly can’t tell you who is who here except for the singer, Matty (the perplexed looking one with the crazy hair).

The 1975 is BLOWING UP overseas – by which I mean every other band/band member I follow has been talking about them. It was also their first show ever in Canada, and it SOLD OUT, so you know they’re something special (granted, it was the Mod Club, which isn’t the biggest venue in Toronto, but it’s still pretty impressive for a first visit!).

Their opening band, Linus Young was decent – somewhat folksy, and their songs ended quite abruptly. I can’t say I’d see them a second time on purpose, but they didn’t make my ears bleed.

The 1975 went on at 9ish and, as they only have one full-length album, they played most (if not all) of it in the hour-and-a-quarter they were onstage. I believe the Mod Club has a curfew, so they skipped the “going offstage and waiting for you to scream before they come out for an encore” bit (which I prefer – we ALL KNOW you’re coming back out, why make us wait those extra few minutes?).

One thing about The 1975 is that it’s very hard to understand them (they’re British). The first time I heard “Chocolate”, I thought it was just me, but even DJs over on BBC Radio 1 have issues sometimes.

We’ve got guns hidden under our petticoats.

They were excellent! They didn’t talk much – though at one point Matty said “I’m kinda shy and there are a lot of people here” which is one of the most precious things I’ve ever heard a singer say. Shy or not, they did a fantastic job and were a lot of fun to hear! I’ve only listened to their album a handful of times, but because of their aforementioned heavy accents, it was easy to pretend to be singing along (no one can judge you for not singing the right words if they can’t understand the original singer to begin with).

Another nice moment was when they first walked on stage. Matty saluted the screaming crowd, then turned and raised his cup to those of us on the balcony. That’s the first time I’ve seen a singer do that at the beginning of a show instead of halfway through and it showed how much they appreciated the amount of people who came out to see them at their first Canadian show.

This was a band that I went to see because Ro wanted to, but after listening to their album and especially after seeing them live, I would definitely see them again! And since they said they’ll be back in Toronto next year…well, I guess I’ll see you there!

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