Your grammar sucks

One of my favourite YA authors, Lauren Kate, wrote a blog about grammar this past week. I found it entertaining because I can relate to the overwhelming need to correct other people’s grammar.

I must admit, unlike Lauren Kate, I’ve never had a favourite French verb tense. Although recently I’ve started appreciating the subjonctif, which is ironic because it was always such a pain to learn (and now I use it all the time in emails. Live and learn, I guess).

But I do love grammar. I feel like 99% of authors love grammar. Maybe not in the same way – I’ve never bought a grammar book, for example – but in the “these are the tools of my trade” kind of way.

Too funny. Except it’s driving me nuts that they spelled it “sweety”. Who does that?

I actually don’t have much to say about this topic. It’s really more a case of me stating a fact (I love grammar). Plus I thought it was coincidental that I was thinking about writing a grammar post and then my best buddy Nina emailed me a research proposal, asking me to edit (we always thought we could write the BEST ESSAY EVER if we could combine her ideas/research skillz and my grammatical/organizational prowess).

And thus I will conclude with a hilarious Youtube video. I almost cried laughing the first time I watched this. So many grammatical errors, so many foolish people:

Jack, your grea, your very funny, and you deseve more views! (back in the day, at least. He’s not as funny anymore).

2 thoughts on “Your grammar sucks

  1. nbozzo says:

    Dude, I will remove this comment if you want, but you need to get rid of the s in proposals, unless you put it in there on purpose to make sure I was reading closely! PS. You are an editing wizard, my proposal has never looked better!!!

    • GAH, how terribly embarrassing. I think the original phrase I used was “one of her research proposals”, but that is no excuse! I am ashamed. P.S. You are too kind, but I merely tidied up your magnificent ideas.

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