Shot through the heart and you’re to blame…


I can’t start a Bon Jovi song without finishing at least the chorus.

David, Richie, Jon, and Tico.

I refuse to use a picture without Richie, even though he’s technically out of the band (until he gets his act together! C’mon, RIchie, it’s not the same without you!)

Ro and I had been lamenting our lack of concerts for November (until the end of the month, at least), and we were also a little sad about missing Bon Jovi (we’ve gone pretty much every time they’re in town, but we couldn’t justify paying for tickets when we just saw them in February).

But then Ro’s friend Carrie hooked us up with FREE TICKETS (if you’re reading this, Carrie, THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU). And this show marked a very special occasion in Ro’s life: it was her 10th Bon Jovi show ever! (and it was my 8th!).

Luckily, having been fans since childhood, neither of us were worried about lack of pre-concert preparedness i.e. we knew that we could sing along to roughly 90% of the songs they sang without going on a Bon Jovi binge beforehand.

This is the first Bon Jovi video I remember watching…approximately 10 years ago.

Bon Jovi celebrated their 17th show at the ACC on Saturday! So while we missed the ceremony (we were at Friday’s show), we were still part of their record-breaking weekend.

As I mentioned, my love/appreciation for Bon Jovi reaches back to my earliest childhood. You can’t grow up with two older sisters (one born in the mid-seventies, the other in the early-eighties) without hearing Bon Jovi at some point in your life. I don’t think it’s possible. And they are one of the bands that stayed with us (or I guess, that we stayed with) for a very long time.

On Friday, they went onstage just after 8pm and played two hours straight before taking a less-than-five-minutes-long break and coming back out for the encore. Their set included classics like “Bad Medicine”, “It’s My Life”, and (one of my personal favourites) “Someday I’ll Be Saturday Night”, oldies that aren’t always played live (like the super 80s but still super good “Raise Your Hands”), and songs off their most recent album (i.e. “Because We Can”).

If you ever want to hear 19 000 people losing their minds in one shot, go to a Bon Jovi show and wait for “Livin’ on a Prayer”, preferably during the encore. The screaming-in-anticipation is enough to make you lose your hearing…if you still have any hearing to lose at that point.

There is only one thing in life worse than being talked about, and that is not being talked about:

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