Must be the music

The Summer Set  falls more on the pop side of the spectrum, with music that is fun and – for the most part – upbeat. They’re also contagious (just ask Nina, who was forced to listen to them multiple times and now loves them), and a great live band.

Jess, Josh, Brian, and the Gomez brothers: John and Stephen.

I first saw them open for All Time Low 3 years ago. Since then, I’ve seen them 5 times, including twice this year (I almost saw them again a couple of weeks ago, but they opened for 3OH!3, and I couldn’t justify spending $30+ tax just to see TSS’s 30 minute set).

I love the ending.

Speaking of the ending: sometimes when I talk about The Summer Set, I like to mention my girl-crush on their drummer, Jess Bowen:

Isn’t she adorable?

There are so few female drummers, especially in the bands I listen to. And Jess is legitimately talented – she basically owns the stage and it’s impressive to watch her pound away at her drums and hold her own against the guys. Basically, if I could be any one else in the world, I’d want to be Jess.

I imagine she broke a lot of hearts when she came out of the closet, but she and her girlfriend are so cute together.

One of the great things about The Summer Set is that they know how to have fun and still be serious. For example, the lyrics to their song “Legendary”:

When I was a kid, I’d fly around and Peter would mention
Don’t be afraid to die, ’cause to die would be an awfully big adventure
One day I stopped believing, now my friends say they’re so bored of me
I used to be a real boy with real plans, now I’m just reality TV

I used to be your knight in shining armor, and I’d rescue you from hell
Lately I stare into the mirror, and I say to myself,

I’ve spent too many nights watching “How I Met Your Mother” alone
Now I’m searching for my yellow umbrella, hoping I’ll take her home
Maybe I just wanna be legendary
Yeah we all just wanna be legendary

Since all 5 members are 21-25 years old, they really get the whole “I’m in my early twenties, what am I doing with my life” thing. Which definitely helps them relate to their fans, most of whom are probably around the same age.

This year, with the release of their third album, Legendary (which, by the way, came out on my birthday, making it a great present for myself), they started the Half Moon Kids movement, in an effort to establish a community that “shares the common thread of understanding that our dreams are not futile” – which is a pretty important message to spread, in my opinion. I like that The Summer Set is trying to connect with fans outside of the realm of music, and for such a good cause.

Be brave. Be curious. Be legendary.

There is only one thing in life worse than being talked about, and that is not being talked about:

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