Don’t ever trust the devil, bitch

Ro and I often discover bands on our own, which we then share with each other, and usually we both end up equally obsessed. Sometimes this happens on the exact same day when said band is in town and then we spend the next week griping “IF ONLY WE HAD LISTENED TO THEM TWO DAYS EARLIER”.

And by “sometimes”, I mean this happened last week.

A few weeks ago, I was looking for/at something and stumbled across the video for Crown the Empire’s song “The Fallout”:

We are gathered here today as brothers and sisters not bound by fate, but by the understanding that our survival lies only in harmony.

Because the screen grab (is that the word?) showed the singer in a Phantom of the Opera-esque mask, I HAD to watch it, and I made Ro watch it with me too (because we had previously heard CTE’s cover of “Payphone” which we highly recommend).

By the time the screamer showed up 30 seconds into the song, we were in love.

I haven’t managed to match their names to their faces yet, except for the two in the middle: Dave (the screamer) and Andy (the singer).

Naturally, I downloaded them right away. But then we didn’t listen to them until last Tuesday when Ro, having listened to them on her way to work, sent me an email that said “LISTEN TO CTE ASAP” (not in those exact words, but with similar passion).

So I did. And become obsessed. And then realized that they were in town that very night but alas, we did not go (partially because Ro had a business dinner to attend).

Long story short: they have replaced I See Stars in my heart as my favourite youngish, faintly electronic, metalcore band (oddly enough, they’re actually touring with ISS right now).

And now I’ll leave you with this song which is epic and is also, as Ro put it, what Panic! at the Disco would sound like if they were scream-y:

Don’t ever trust the devil, bitch.

There is only one thing in life worse than being talked about, and that is not being talked about:

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