Let’s make this biblical


I’m currently sitting in a hotel with FREE WIFI so I figured I’d write a quick post (to be honest, it was Ro’s idea but I think it was just a ploy to get me to shut up).

On Saturday, we saw Biffy Clyro for the third time this year…and we saw them at Le Trianon in Paris! (take a look at the photos on their website – fabulous!).

The line before doors was crazy! Because of the area (Montmartre), as soon as you turn the corner from the venue, you end up walking up a cobblestone hill. It was the first time we’ve ever stood up a hill to get into a show.

Le Trianon is basically the older, more sophisticated version of Toronto’s Opera House. There are two balcony levels (with seats!) that run around the perimeter of the room and the floor has a capacity of about 1000 people (I think).

We sat on the top balcony right beside/above the stage, so we had a great view of the stage (though sadly we couldn’t always see Simon, the lead singer, because of the angle), as well as the crowd. Who was insane (more on that in a minute).

Opening band, Arcane Roots, was pretty good – they had a Biffy vibe except a little screamier (I am fine with that). They went on at 7:30 and played for 40ish minutes.

Biffy went on at 8:30. They opened the stage with “We are Family”…and if you ever want to hear something adorable, it’s 1000+ French people shouting the words “we are family!” in their delightful accents.

The band was, of course, fantastic. Energetic and crazy, barely slowing down except for the short acoustic part midway through the set. They also occasionally called out “merci beaucoup” which was precious, given their Scottish accents.

They played a similar set to their Toronto show, but since I happen to like most of the songs, it was perfect. Highlights were: That Golden Rule, Biblical, Bubbles, God and Satan, Black Chandelier, The Captain, Stingin’ Belle and their closing song, Mountains.

Baby if you could, would you go back to the start?

We sat for a lot of it, jumping up only to dance to our favourite songs. But for the songs when we were sitting, we were mesmerized by the crowd.

I have never seen such intense circle pits in my life. They (guys AND girls) would literally form circles with an open space in the middle before they would rush together in a pouding mass. It was horrifying.

As Ro said, no wonder bands seem disappointed with Toronto when they ask to open up the pit and we don’t even come close to matching the energy of the European crowds.

But it was a fantastic show and I would definitely do it again because they are Biffy f*cking Clyro and they are amazing.

There is only one thing in life worse than being talked about, and that is not being talked about:

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