Hello Fascination

2010 was the year I started exploring “screamo” music. I don’t remember why, how or even when I decided to started incorporating other genres into my otherwise exclusively-pop-punk library, but the first “screamy” band I listened to (and immediately loved) was Breathe Carolina.


David (clean vocals) and Kyle (formerly the unclean vocalist…I’ll get to that in a minute).

I started with their second album, 2009’s Hello Fascination. Again, I don’t remember why I started with this and not their debut (2008’s It’s Classy, Not Classic), but I’m thankful that I did. Since Classic isn’t my favourite BC album, I don’t know if I’d have given them another chance if I had started with that.

You’re being loud without a sound.

BC is a good transitional band – they incorporate many elements of pop-punk and refer to themselves as being electronic, but then, just as you’re bopping your head and tapping your feet, along comes Kyle with the screaming and you think to yourself, “THIS IS THE BEST THING EVER.” Or I did, anyway. They might not be everyone’s cup of tea, but I personally enjoy the combination (plus they put on a fantastic live show).

After seeing them four summer straight, I finally met BC this past August (if you wanna get technical, I briefly met them the first time I saw them – Warped 2010). They were super nice (especially Kyle who, despite the fact that he literally screams for a living, is one of the sweetest guys in the world) and it’s still a great memory. Then Kyle’s girlfriend had a baby girl and while they make an adorable family, Kyle decided to no longer be a part of BC.

I was actually rather upset when I found out though I understand and respect his decision. One of the last songs they released with Kyle was the catchy-as-all-heck “Mistakes”:

Breathe Carolina is set to release their fourth album, Savages (a follow-up to 2011’s Hell Is What You Make It) sometime this year. I thought they were almost done it, but I have a feeling they’re re-recording the unclean vocals so that Kyle isn’t on it (I don’t think they’ve explicitly stated it, but that’s probably what’s happening).

Either way, I’m excited for new music from them and – unless plans changed post-Kyle’s departure – David told me they’ll be playing Warped again this summer. So that’s something to look forward to!

There is only one thing in life worse than being talked about, and that is not being talked about:

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