If I lose myself…

Last night, Ro, Nina, Anna, and I went to see OneRepublic (even though Ro and I kept referring to it as The Script show).

OneRepublic. I did not know what they looked like before Googling this picture. 

I’m not a huge fan of 1R…to be completely honest, I wail in frustration every time I hear “Counting Stars” (sorry, Nina, I just can’t stand it). I also prefer the Silverstein cover of “Apologize”.

That being said, I enjoyed them more than I thought I would (even though I grumbled silently during “Counting Stars” while the other 14,000+ people flailed around in excitement). It was definitely an interesting night.

The opening band was American Authors, who I actually listen to, so it was nice to get a chance to see them.

Catchy summer jams!

Fun story: the drunk (probably desperate) housewife behind us threw a fit when Ro and I stood for AA. Because clearly one goes to a concert to sit quietly instead of actually enjoying the music. It got to the point that she threatened to get security and did (because we blatantly ignored her), and the security guard who showed up told us to sit. Which we did…until we tweeted at the Amphitheatre staff, complaining about how they sided with a drunk woman (who, by the way, talked through the entire set so I don’t know how we were in her way) and they sent over another security guard who upgraded us to the 200-level (we were originally at the far end of the 300s). So we won. And it also got us closer to the stage in time to see the Script.

We saw The Script  a couple of years ago…for a band that plays mostly slow (somewhat mournful) songs, they are surprisingly upbeat during live shows and are a delight to watch.

They have a lot of energy and Danny (the singer) ran around the amphitheatre twice (well, the second time, it was only half of the venue, but still!), singing the entire time. I recommend them.

OneRepublic came out at 9:20. Like I said, I’m not a huge fan, but I recognized a surprising amount of songs (some of which I hadn’t realized were 1R songs). The only song I could sing along to was “Apologize”:

I also quite liked their closing song, “If I Lose Myself”, partially for the song itself, but also the lights and smoke and confetti they employed during the performance. It was a good way to close a set.

There is only one thing in life worse than being talked about, and that is not being talked about:

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