I write sins, not tragedies

I’ve now seen Panic! at the Disco six times: twice in 2008, when they came back in 2011, opening for Fall Out Boy in 2012, and twice this year: once in February, and then again last night (Wednesday).


Dallon, Brendon, and Kenneth.

When I “review” P!ATD shoI ws, it’s less of a review and more of an ode to a band I adore.

Echo Beach is the biggest venue I’ve seen them in. Technically, I saw them there last September but they were opening for Fall Out Boy, and this was a headlining show.

We took our time getting there because Panic! wasn’t going on until 9:30pm and doors were at 6:30pm. We still made it in time to see most of Magic Man’s set (we didn’t mind missing them because we actually saw Magic Man in January when they opened for New Politics). They’re pretty fun:

Next up was Walk the Moon who was interesting if only because they claimed to be from Ohio, but the lead singer definitely sounded French. They had a similar vibe to Magic Man, and I think both bands worked well as openers for P!ATD.

Then, it was time to dance (haha, get it?): Panic! came storming out to “Vegas Lights” and my night really started.

Echo Beach, for those who don’t live in Toronto, isn’t really a beach. It’s more like a sandpit beside a smallish lake in the middle of the city. Either way, you have to stand on sand in order to see the band (well, you can actually sit on the grass/on the grounds that used to hold Ontario Place, if you want to avoid any sort of crowd). Do you know how hard it is to dance on sand? I vaguely remembered the extreme difficulty of standing still during Fall Out Boy so this time, I was prepared: I took off my shoes and basically dug a mini pit. It was fantastic.

I can’t stand still during Panic!. I’m listening to them as I type and I’m having a hard time getting the words out because I have to keep pausing to dance. So I don’t understand how anyone can just stand (or sit) during a P!ATD show…especially last night, during the absolutely epic cover of “Bohemian Rhapsody”:

Before the show, I had told Ro that Brendon Urie should have toured with Queen instead of Adam Lambert because Brendon has an incredible range and could definitely channel Freddie Mercury – and this song proved me right.

The setlist for this tour was very similar to what they played this past winter, but since I love almost all their songs, this wasn’t a problem for me. They changed up the order a little bit: for example, they played “Casual Affair” and “Miss Jackson” back to back because of a “similar theme” (according to Brendon); and this time around, they played “Collar Full” and “Trade Mistakes” instead of “Camisado” and “Hurricane”.

There were, of course, the traditional backflips (both of them were shirtless, not that I was drooling everywhere or anything…) and a lot of the little things that make Panic! (and Brendon) such entertaining performers: fantastic lighting and effects (including puffs of smoke and the stained glass windows for “This is Gospel”), the little vocal things that Brendon does that I don’t know how to describe, etc.

As always, they closed with “I Write Sins, Not Tragedies”, and the crowd finally lost their minds and I chimed in with a “Haven’t you people ever heard of other Panic! songs?” (I like IWSNT as much as the next Panic! fan, but it’s never been my favourite. It’s like when All Time Low closes with “Dear Maria, Count Me In”, and the crowd goes nuts and I’m like “dudes, don’t get me wrong, I like it, but it’s not your best song”).

But of course, as soon as they left the stage and the lights went back on, I immediately felt sad and wanted them to come back out.

You know it was a great show when you wake up with a scratchy voice.

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