Lost Forever // Lost Together

You know what’s great? Metal shows. You know why? Because I like heavy drums and sick bass lines. They also, incidentally, offer some stellar people-watching.

Architects, a British metalcore band, has been on a 8-date Canadian tour, with Toronto as the second-last stop. I’ve only sort of listened to Architects (i.e. I’ve listened to their latest album, this year’s Lost Forever // Lost Together, a handful of times), but since British bands rarely do Canada-only tours, I wanted to see them, because, really, when else would I see them?


The three opening bands – My Ticket Home, Being As An Ocean, and Stray From the Path – were fairly typical metal bands. I couldn’t really understand any of their lyrics, so I can’t tell you if any of them were fantastic lyricists. During My Ticket Home, Ro and I were making up lyrics based on what we thought we heard; our favourite misheard-but-plausible-lyrics were “straight up the ass and out of your mouth”. We have no idea if that’s what they actually said or not, but it sure is fun to scream.

For some reason, though, we were awfully sleepy during BAAO and SFTP – I think it was because we were squinting against the lights (we were on the balcony – I’ve never been on the balcony at the Opera House before, it’s always so full!), but they were oddly soothing.

Architects came out around 10pm and played until 11:30pm. Like I said, I’m not a hardcore fan, so I haven’t memorized any of their songs, but Ro was happy to hear “Dead Man Talking”, which she really likes.

The band had an incredible amount of energy. I don’t know if they’re always like that or if it was because they had sold out the 800-cap venue. Sam Carter, the frontman (the blondish one in the picture) barely stood still the entire time, bouncing and head-banging, and careening around the stage (I think he might have almost crashed into a guitarist at one point). If I worked out half as hard as metal vocalists, I’d be the size of a twig (although, I guess a lot of these guys are ridiculously skinny).

There is only one thing in life worse than being talked about, and that is not being talked about:

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