Five Short Graybles

Since I accidentally dressed like Magic Man today (too much yellow!), I figured it would be as good a time as any to write a recap/review of Adventure Time.

Magic Man!

I’m always a little behind on TV shows, so even though AT has already started season six (I think), I just finished watching the season four DVD. This season was by far the trippiest I’ve seen, but it also had some pretty solid episodes. Here are my top five (technically six):

Return to the Nightosphere/Daddy’s Little Monster

Marceline (the Vampire Queen!) is one of my favourite characters on the show, and naturally, I automatically love any episode in which she has a central role. These two episodes also had the added bonuses of a) re-introducing Marceline’s dad, Hunson Abadeer, and b) actually forming a continuous story line. AT rarely has two part episodes and has, more than once, left the viewer hanging. So imagine my surprise when I got to the end of “Return to the Nightosphere”, and realized that the story was picked right back up in “Daddy’s Little Monster”. It was great character development for Marcy (and her already tense relationship with her dad), plus the Nightosphere is fascinating.


Lumpy Space Princess is sassy and crazy and I love her. In this episode, she decides to write a “trashy book for ladies” and starts working with Finn and Jake in an attempt to teach Turtle Princess how she can win over any man…but she ends up learning a lesson herself (awww). Sidenote: LSP always looks fresh to death.

Ignition Point

Flame Princess, the newest (in this season, anyway) princess/object of Finn’s affection is swiftly rising on my list of “favourite Adventure Time characters”. She’s more volatile (literally and figuratively) than most of other princesses, and her relationship with Finn is precious (she can’t touch him without burning him and it’s as heartbreaking as a cartoon can be). Finn and Jake end up back in the Flame Kingdom where they overhear two people plotting to assassinate the Flame King (using ice water, obviously). Not only is this episode full of Hamlet references (who doesn’t love a little Shakespeare now and then?), but the humour is on point (the “magic air”, the scented candles, the snake on Finn’s shoulder, etc).

I Remember You

Another Marceline-centric episode, but this one also gives more insight into the Ice King’s pre-crown life. Though it starts off funny – with Ice King remixing Marceline’s “Daddy, Why Did You Eat My Fries?” song for Gunter the penguin – it slowly turns into an exploration of Marceline and Ice King (aka Simon)’s relationship and shared history, something that had previously been glossed over.

The Lich

The Lich, the ultimate villain in Ooo, is back and just as terrifying. This episode is great for its callbacks to previous seasons – the Cosmic Owl, Billy, the talking bear, and, of course, the snail-Lich – but it also ends with an outrageous and unexpected cliff-hanger. I don’t want to spoil anything, but if this episode is any indication, season five probably takes the show to a whole new level.

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