She’s an American beauty, I’m an American psycho

Last week, Fall Out Boy released a new album, American Beauty/American Psycho. I decided that instead of doing a full review, I would write about my feelings on a track-by-track basis and highlight my favourite lyric from each song. If there’s one thing Fall Out Boy excels at, it’s writing lyrics.

1) “Irresistible”

Favourite lyric: You look so Seattle but you feel so LA

The majestic horns at the beginning make this the perfect intro to post-Save Rock & Roll Fall Out Boy. It was one of the singles they released leading up to the album, and I think it really sets the tone for the rest of the track list.

2) “American Beauty/American Psycho”

Favourite lyric: And I’m the best worst thing that hasn’t happened to you yet

When this song/video initially dropped, I wasn’t sure how I felt about it. It has a solo-Patrick Stump vibe, which I love (unlike a lot of people, I actually really enjoyed his solo album, 2011’s Soul Punk). By the time I listened to it a third time though, I was hooked. Sidenote: it’s also ideal if you want to do jumping jacks.

3) “Centuries”

Favourite lyric: I can’t stop till the whole world knows my name/Because I was only born inside my dreams

Our first taste of new FOB music came out in September, and I can’t even count how many times I listened to it. I initially described it as “massive“, and I still stand by that. It was still hard to determine what the rest of the album would sound like based off this first single, but it gave us an idea of what to expect.

4) “The Kids Aren’t Alright”

Favourite lyric: And in the end, I’d do it all again/I think you’re my best friend/Don’t you know that the kids aren’t alright

This was another song released before the album, and I loved it right away. One of the strongest songs (in my opinion), this almost-but-not-quite-a-ballad track is the one that I think, lyrically, sounds the most like FOB’s 2008 album, Folie a Deux (does anyone else get “What A Catch, Donnie” vibes from it?), which is a good thing.

5) “Uma Thurman”

Favourite lyric: I’ll keep you like an oath/”May nothing but death do us part”

I never knew I wanted to dance like Uma Thurman until I heard this song. It’s impossible to sit still while this is on. You wouldn’t think sampling the theme song from The Munsters would work, but FOB proved us all wrong.

6) “Jet Pack Blues”

Favourite lyric: She’s in a long black coat tonight/Waiting for me in the downpour outside

My favourite part of this song is the chorus. Just when you think Patrick Stump’s voice has reached max power, he belts out something like this.

7) “Novocaine”

Favourite lyric: If you knew what the blue birds sang at you/You would never sing along

This is my least favourite track, which is not to say I don’t like it. It just isn’t as impressive as some of the others and, unfortunately, it comes right before one of my favourite cuts, which means I have very little patience for it.

8) “Fourth of July”

Favourite lyric: You and I were fireworks that went off too soon

Like “American Beauty/American Psycho”, I was a little “meh” during my first listen. Then I listened to it a second time and that was it. I LOVE this song. I can’t get it out of my head which is fine because I don’t ever want it to leave me.

9) “Favourite Record”

Favourite lyric: You are the song stuck in my head/Every song that I’ve ever loved

This is another one where the lyrics remind me of old-school FOB. I don’t know this for a fact, but it feels like a throwback to “Dead on Arrival” (“I know I’m not your favourite record”). It doesn’t has as much pizazz as the other cuts, but it’s still pretty solid.

10) “Immortals”

Favourite lyric: I am the sand in the bottom half of the hourglass

A slightly different version of the song they did for Big Hero 6, I have two words: dance party. Listen to this and “Uma Thurman” back to back if you want an amazing workout.

11) “Twin Skeleton’s (Hotel In NYC)”

Favourite lyric: I just wanna throw my hands in the air and scream

This final track reminds me of Panic! at the Disco (and since I love P!ATD, this is a good thing). I think it’s “ohs” near the end, but it has a bit of a Vices & Virtues-vibe, doesn’t it? Either way, it’s an excellent closer, and I think it would flow really well into “Save Rock and Roll” if it was played live.

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