The silence in black and white

This weekend, we saw Hawthorne Heights on their 10th anniversary tour for their debut album, The Silence in Black and White.

hawthorne heightsWe saw Hawthorne Heights play a short set at Warped a couple of years ago (2013, to be exact), so while it technically wasn’t the first time we’ve seen them, it was the first time we saw them play for longer than half an hour!

One of the reasons we wanted to go to this show (apart from the fact that a) it’s an anniversary tour which is a lot of fun and b) they’re specifically on a Canadian tour right now, which is so rare) was because it was at The Rockpile West. The Rockpile is a “legendary” venue that is situated just outside Toronto but is conveniently located on a bus route that eventually leads to our house. We pass this place every day on our way to work, so we were stoked to finally have a chance to go inside (it was everything I imagined it to be).

There were four opening bands, all of them fairly local:

The Ocean Cure
Crash! Radio
Dear Love
Crisis Ctrl Club

They were all pretty good. Crash! Radio played a cover of Mayday Parade’s “Jamie All Over“, which is always an excellent song to shout along to, and they did a fine job.

My only problem was timing. It’s hard to sit through unfamiliar opening bands, especially when there are four of them to get through. But they were all entertaining and I appreciated the amount of hard work, dedication, and time that went in to making it a fun show.

Finally Hawthorne Heights came onstage around 11:15pm or so. Since it was an anniversary show, they were playing their album in it’s entirety. And I’m going to be honest and say I’ve only listened to the full album twice, so I have no idea if they played it in order or if it was all mixed up.

As I mentioned, I’m not overly familiar with their work, so I can’t really comment on what the songs sounded like, so here are three things I observed:

  1. their drummer has the most amazing posture I’ve ever seen on a human before. And he didn’t even slouch when he was behind his drum kit!
  2. their guitarist/screamer has a vaguely Vince Vaughn-esque quality to him, which makes it even more impressive when he screams (try and picture Vince Vaughn screaming – crazy, right?).
  3. they all looked like they were enjoying themselves, and, even if the crowd wasn’t as epic as they may have hoped, they were genuinely grateful for the amount of people who showed up to support them ten years after their debut.

Hawthorne Heights is one of those bands that I always think I should listen to because I’d probably love them, but I never get around to it. After seeing them live, though, I’ll make a bigger effort – they are definitely a band I can get behind. Plus they’ve already been around for ten years so they have a certain lasting power!

If you like bands like Taking Back Sunday, The Early November, The Used, or Thursday, I’d recommend giving them a chance.

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