Mad Miss Mimic Book Launch Recap

mad miss mimic launch

I’m not sure how, but I’ve somehow gone almost a year in publishing without actually attending a book launch (I’m terrible, I know). But yesterday I finally broke that streak by attending the launch for Sarah Henstra’s debut novel, Mad Miss Mimic.

I gave this book a glowing review when I read an ARC a couple of weeks ago, so that was partially what made me want to attend. Also the fact that the invitation encouraged attendees to wear their “fanciest hat”, and that’s pretty much the greatest instruction I’ve ever been given.

I didn’t win for best hat, but Sarah said she liked it, and isn’t that all that matters?


It was inspired by the Mad Hatter, of course.

The launch was held at the High Park Tennis and Curling Club, which is in a very pretty neighbourhood. The room we were in was spacious and delightfully decorated with bunting and flowers, and teacups filled with all sorts of treats.


I’m only going to eat food out of teacups from now on.

Sarah was really sweet and, after signing my book, we briefly discussed the writing process. She also read the prologue out loud and the choir she’s in, Cantores Celestes, performed three songs. It was lovely!

Mad Miss Mimic came out on May 5th and you can find it in your local bookstore! I highly recommend it!

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