Five Truths of Riot Fest [re-direct to Mind the Gap]

I just realized I didn’t do a Riot Fest 2015 recap!! This was mostly because I was so darn wet/cold on Saturday, I couldn’t even think of writing anything.

On Saturday, we saw full sets from Thrice and my loves All Time Low, plus partial sets from moneen, Coheed and Cambria, Cancer Bats, and Echo & the Bunnymen. Mostly, we walked around and ate food, because we were cold and wet and eating food made us feel better.

We did get to hear one of our absolute favourite ATL songs live for the first time, though, so that was awesome.

Sunday, we saw part of Frank Turner (recommended if you, like us, enjoy Bruce Springsteen), Bleachers, and Weezer who performed Blue Album in full! We also heard-but-didn’t-see Rancid (we may have been eating again…) and it was considerably nicer (i.e. warmer) than it had been the day before.

It was a great experience, but I really could have done without the rain (it poured while we stood in line on Saturday, which meant we spent most of the day soaked!). I was also able to come up with five truths and I’m already looking forward to next year!

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