Hello everyone!

Thanks so much to Crystal from Bookiemoji and Kristen from My Friends Are Fiction for putting this blog hop together!

To be honest, I kinda forgot #TheShelfieHop was happening today because I was distracted with putting together my Every Word playlist. So my photos are a little blurry, partially because the lighting in my room is terrible (a light bulb burned out months ago and I haven’t gotten around to changing it), but also because I did it last minute! I apologize!

IMAG2609 This is my oldest bookshelf which is why it’s packed!The very top has a mishmash of books that didn’t fit anywhere else; the top shelf is all “adult”; the second shelf is adult and young adult; the third shelf is picture books and more YA; the fourth shelf (which you can’t really see) is middle grade; and the un-pictured bottom shelf is middle grade and some comics (mostly my Calvin and Hobbes books!).

IMAG2610These shelves are beside my desk. They include some of my favourite childhood series (Harry Potter, A Series of Unfortunate Events), a stack of movies-adapted-from-books (which helped me make up this list), and then the top are tall books that don’t fit anywhere else, even though I no longer love Twilight or the Inheritance series.

IMAG2608A lot of these books were bought during the course of my English/French degree (hence the row of Oxford classics!), but the top also includes my Melissa Marr collection, and a couple of music-related books.

Not to mention my shot glasses from various whisky distilleries :)

IMAG2606The latest addition to my shelves, I can’t stand far enough away to get the full thing in one shot! It was originally my “Favourites” bookshelf, but the lower half sort of devolved into “books that needed a home/coffee tables books for when I eventually own a coffee table”. Some favourite authors on these shelves include: Neil Gaiman, Jonathan Stroud, Ellie Marney, and Gail Carson Levine.

This photo also features my Snoopy bedsheet!

So those are my personal shelves! There’s also a shelf above my bed that includes a set of L.M. Montgomery books, not to mention my Libba Bray books in the place of honour beside my bed.

I’d really like to rearrange my shelves, but I’m not sure how to best utilize the space I have. I’m hoping visiting the other blogs will inspire me!

Thanks for visiting and make sure you visit everyone else!

11 thoughts on “#TheShelfieHop

  1. Wow, your oldest shelf is packed with books. It looks wonderfully packed together. ;D


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