But if you close your eyes…

Continuing British Music Week, here’s a short (but hopefully sweet) review of last night’s Bastille show.

According to my review from the last September when we saw them for the first time, that show had also been on a Wednesday. I continue to find Wednesday night shows to be weird yet wonderful.

Opening band Grizfolk sounded like a cross between Kings of Leon and Imagine Dragons (oddly enough, I saw both bands earlier this year at separate shows…). They were somewhat mellow, yet also had some solid beats.

I thought there was supposed to be another opening band, but apparently not: Bastille went on at 8:30pm. I, for one, am not complaining, because last time, they went on at 10:15pm and it was very difficult to wake up the next morning.

Fact: Bastille is a very fun band. They’re bouncy and catchy and danceable. Dan – the singer – has a deeper voice than you would imagine from looking at his picture (he’s the guy beside the long haired guy aka the drummer) and, despite not being as chatty as some other frontmen, he’s still engaging. During “Flaws”, he ran around the ACC (the perimeter of the GA floor), while continuing to sing. In fact, he only faltered once and that – I found out this morning – was because a crazy fan grabbed his face and kissed him. Sidenote: it’s never cool to assault a musician, especially when they’re performing. And especially not with a kiss because they don’t know where your mouth has been – what if you have some sort of disease?!

During “Of the Night”, Dan also encouraged the crowd to dance along, claiming that he’s a bad dancer and needed everyone to help him out so he wouldn’t feel embarrassed. He’s not a terrible dancer, but his style involves more leaping around the stage than any actual dance moves.

They closed with “Pompeii”, which I absolutely love. I don’t know if it’s my favourite Bastille song or if it’s just because I get it stuck in my head for days and can’t stop singing it, but MAN, it’s the perfect song to get your body moving.