Here we go

As I mentioned earlier, my sister and I managed to sneak in a couple of concerts while we were in London for a week. Our third and final show was Lower Than Atlantis at the Roundhouse.

lower than atlantis

I honestly don’t remember what the opening band, Black Foxxes, sounded like. I know the singer had just been diagnosed with laryngitis or something like that, but he didn’t sound sick (I don’t know if that’s a good thing or not).

Next was As It Is, and I’m still meh about them. I’ve now seen them three times this year, and while I don’t mind their live show, I find I can’t listen to them recorded because of Patty Walters’ rather high pitched voice. Also, I can’t take him seriously because he’s constantly sticking his tongue out which makes me think of Barty Crouch Jr (I love David Tennant as much as the next person, but BCJ is not a good role model).

The more I look at this, the more I laugh

The more I look at this, the more I laugh

The third band was Moose Blood. We saw them at Warped this year and they were totally our type of band. They’re a bit “emo”, but that doesn’t mean they weren’t good – they have an early-Taking Back Sunday vibe that my sister and I both love.

I’ve briefly mentioned Lower Than Atlantis on this blog – mostly the fact that I can never hear/read/speak the name “Emily” without breaking into song – but I haven’t listened to them extensively. I do know a couple of their songs that I was looking forward to hearing live: “Words Don’t Come So Easily”, “English Kids in America” and show-closer “Here We Go”, all of which were a lot of fun.

Like Moose Blood, they have a bit of a Taking Back Sunday thing going on, though some of their songs are perhaps a bit more upbeat (including “Here We Go”, which reminds me of Don Broco’s “Money. Power. Fame.”)

Maybe it’s because I was tired and it was our last day in London so I was sad, but I felt like LTA lacked stage presence. It’s entirely possible that that’s what they’re always like, but I expected them to be a little bit more, I don’t know, enthusiastic. Still, they put on a good show and it was enjoyable, so if you’re looking for British alternative rock, give these gents a try!