He spent most of his youth with his head down…not much of a talker

I’ve never really been a fan of hip-hop/rap and the related subgenres (which is not to say I don’t listen to hip-hop, it’s just not my preferred type of music), but one person I’ll always listen to is Travie McCoy (of Gym Class Heroes).

Look at this face! He’s precious.

I will probably maybe write a separate post about Gym Class Heroes on a different day but Travie recently released a new solo song, so it makes sense to talk about him right now.

From his first solo album, 2010’s Lazarus.

What can I say about Travie? He started – and is still a part of – Gym Class Heroes, who have apparently been around since 1997 (!!), but who really started to break into the mainstream around 2005, after they signed with Pete Wentz’ label, Decaydance, and released The Papercut Chronicles, the album that first introduced the world to “Cupid’s Chokehold”.

Featuring Patrick Stump <3..and a cameo by Katy Perry, who was dating Travie at the time. 

As I mentioned, Travie first went solo in 2010, releasing – and touring for –  Lazarus. His solo tour (March 2011) actually kicked off in Toronto, and we (Ro, Nina, and I) bought VIP tickets which meant meeting Travie after the show! He is very very tall. But also really sweet. And we fangirl a little when we talk about it, even though it was almost exactly 3 years ago. Prior to that, Ro and I saw him open for Cobra Starship (May 2010).

Travie – and Gym Class Heroes in general – is very interesting because they tend to be associated with more pop-punk/alternative bands than with other hip-hop/rap artists. I think much of this has to do with their label (Fueled by Ramen), since they seem to be friends with the other bands on the FBR roster. Which is why it made perfect sense when Travie announced his latest single, featuring Panic! at the Disco’s very own Brendon Urie:

So dang catchy. 

It’s no secret that I’m a huge fan of Brendon (and Panic!), so when I heard that he was working with Travie, there was a lot of flailing and squealing and maybe even a single tear.

It’s a fantastic song. Good luck getting it out of your head.