Sea of Tranquility

Because it’s Labour Day and I haven’t really done much else today, I’ve decided that my topic for Music Monday would be something completely random: Phil Coulter.

Super classy photo, Phil.

Also known as “Ireland’s Musical Ambassador” (I just read that, and it’s the greatest title I’ve ever seen), Phil Coulter has been in the music business for almost¬†50 years. We’ve been listening to him for about two years: while we were in Scotland in 2012, my dad decided he needed to listen to traditional music. He picked up a random album and it wasn’t until we bought it home that we realized that the composer was actually Irish. It didn’t matter though – by¬†then we were hooked.

Coulter got his start back in the sixties and seventies when he worked with a myriad of other artists, producing and writing for them. His songs have been covered by the Bay City Rollers, Sinead O’Connor, and even Elvis.

My dad likes to listen to Coulter all day, every day. Usually on the weekends when he’s cooking or during dinner, but also on the rare days when he’s not working. It’s soothing: mainly piano-based, but some sweet electric guitar work that is so eighties but still magnificent. And sometimes he includes guest stars like Billy Connolly and (apparently) Liam Neeson!

Unfortunately, it’s very difficult to find a full list of Coulter’s CDs, but he’s apparently super famous in Ireland. My dad is waiting anxiously for the day when Coulter plays a show here, though he has half a mind to fly to Ireland to see the maestro in his native environment.