It is perfectly okay to write garbage as long as you edit brilliantly – C.J. Cherryh

When I sit down to write, I’ve been alternating between a sequel and my NaNoWriMo book. The sequel is being re-started for like the 7th time and I haven’t done any heavy editing on the NaNoWriMo one since I typed the last word at the end of November. They say it’s hard work to edit the mess that spews out during a month of frenzied writing and they weren’t kidding.

There are the filler paragraphs where I just wrote do whatever I could think of: the ideas that went nowhere and the moments when I clearly thought I was writing for a teen soap opera because holy smokes, the dramatic dialogue that was being thrown around! And now I’m wading through it, picking out the plot points that make sense and the scenes that aren’t cheesier than Cheetos (which are dangerously cheesy, after all) and I’m forcing myself to do it because I love my characters too much to let them suffer in a cesspool of random words and unfinished scenes.

Editing is embarrassing and awkward and something that is best done alone. Otherwise people will judge you for the faces you make when you read a sentence you once thought was golden and think “A poop-flinging monkey could write better than me”. Especially if you haven’t looked at this particular piece in a while and you’ve managed to convince yourself it’s not as terrible as you think (for example: right now the phrase “poop-flinging monkey” is making me laugh but in a few weeks, if I take a glance at this post, I’ll probably cringe and think “why did I feel it was necessary to use the word ‘poop’ not once but THREE TIMES in my blog?!”).

But at the end of the day, writing (and editing!) is kinda my thing.

source: Debbie Ridpath Ohi