Warped Tour 2015

I used my really great (and obvious) title for last year’s Warped recap, so I’m stuck with generically listing them from now on.

Anyway, this was my SIXTH Warped experience!


For some reason, a bunch of bands on our list were playing between 1:50 and 3:20, so it was hard to determine who we saw and who we neglected, but we generally went with bands we’d never seen before (which meant I missed Neck Deep and The Wonder Years, but that’s okay because they both have new albums coming out, so I’ll catch them on tour). We “discovered” some new bands we ended up liking it (Moose Blood), saw some old favourites (Family Force 5), and managed to catch the top three bands we most wanted to see: PVRIS, Hands Like Houses, and Mallory Knox.

In order of when we saw them:

As It Is

They sound better live than they do recorded; also, he has a very high voice.


Vocalist Lynn sounds even more powerful live than recorded, and it’s so impressive. They played the main stage, and it was well deserved.

Moose Blood

A British band that has an old-school Taking Back Sunday vibe? Count me in!

Hands Like Houses

Three words: Australian David Beckham. The music is excellent too.

Asking Alexandria

We weren’t that impressed with them, which was sad because we were expecting their set to blow us away.

Black Veil Brides

Andy’s voice is considerably deeper than you would expect from someone who looks so effeminate, but it was a pleasant surprise.

Man Overboard

Classic pop-punk. You can’t really go wrong with Man Overboard, even if Zac’s dancing weirds us out.

Family Force 5

It’s impossible to stand still during one of their shows – it’s always so much fun.

Set It Off

“Why Worry” is such a jam.

Mallory Knox

We were front row and we didn’t stop screaming from the time they walked on stage. It was amazing.

We also saw part of ’68,Juliet Simms, and August Burns Red, plus the first song from This Wild Life before we wandered away to look for the Mallory Knox band members (we ended up finding Mikey, the singer, who was very sweet!).

Overall, it was one of the most successful Warped experiences we’ve had, despite it raining for the first 6.5 hours (including an hour when we were standing in line to get in). I can’t wait to see what next year brings!

The devil’s been stuck in my brain, and he’s been living there seventeen days

Happy (Canadian) Thanksgiving!

I’ve decided that this week will be (unofficial) British music week. I have three concerts in the next four days and, interestingly, they’re all British bands. So I’ll be posting reviews for them, plus a random song on Wednesday to make a full week of British music! Yay!

Today, I’d like to talk about Mallory Knox. I’m surprised I haven’t mentioned them earlier. They’re GREAT.

They’re another “Ro-band” – I believe she first heard them on BBC Radio 1, and then played “Hello” for me, and I was all “MORE LIKE HELLO-WHO-ARE-THESE-GUYS, AM I RIGHT?” because it’s a really good song.

Like Don Broco, I think one of the reasons Mallory Knox stands out from the crowd is because of their singer’s very distinctive voice. Their singer, Mikey (the Bill Weasley-esque ginger in the photo) (I say “Bill Weasley” as a compliment, by the way), has a deeper-than-expected voice and can carry the songs, infusing them with emotions, whether he’s simply singing or faux-screaming.

Their latest single, “Shout at the Moon”.

The only downside to listening to British bands as a Canadian is the fact that they so rarely come to our fair country. So far, MK hasn’t made it over here, but we live in hope. Based on every review I’ve read of them, they seem to put on a phenomenal live show, plus it’s on my bucket list to stand in a crowd of fans screaming the “Lighthouse” lyrics.

Find us all, Wish you could, Touch your soul, l light it up, See the path, It’s time to go…