Without you I’ll be miserable at best

Is there a band (or multiple bands) that you often forget you actually like? I feel that way about Mayday Parade. I actually quite like them, but for some reason, I tend to complain¬†about listening to them. I can’t explain it, but after seeing them live on Thursday, I’m going to make a bigger effort to give them the respect they deserve.

mayday parade

The first time I saw Mayday Parade was as a opening band on the AP Fall Ball Tour in 2009, so it’s pretty cool that this time I saw them as the headliner on the AP Fall Tour.

The other bands on the bill were As It Is, This Wild Life, and Real Friends.

We saw As It Is at Warped, and they’re great live. I have a harder time listening to their album only because Patty Walters has a high pitched voice. It’s not a bad voice, it’s just higher than I prefer (like Kellin Quinn in Sleeping With Sirens).

We had started watching This Wild Life at Warped as well, but then wandered away in search of Mallory Knox (we ended up finding Mikey, the singer, so it worked out for us), and I was excited to actually see them this time. They’re delightful! They don’t like the type of band who would be all acoustic-y and laid-back, but their music is very boppy and, happily, they played their cover of Bring Me the Horizon’s “Sleepwalking”.

I’ve spoken before about how I don’t love Real Friends, and honestly, I haven’t changed my mind. Like Issues, they’re a band I should like because they sound like other bands I enjoy, but there’s something about them that leaves me indifferent.

Finally Mayday Parade came out. They opened with a song off their latest album, Black Lines, and then, happily, played “Jamie All Over” which is the one Mayday Parade song guaranteed to have me screeching the lyrics at full volume.

The rest of the set was full of new songs and old ones, and even a short acoustic section in the middle that included a tear-jerking rendition of “Terrible Things”. A lot of MP’s slow songs are super sad.

The highlight of the set was right before the encore: they played “Miserable at Best” which is another classic MP song I enjoy, and, after leading the crowd in a massive sing-a-long, the band walked off stage while the audience continued to sing the chorus. It was the perfect way to leave the stage.

We left before their last song (“Jersey”, which neither of us love), but it was still a good show. Give them a listen if you haven’t already (though I won’t blame you if you feel indifferent at first – they’ll grow on you).