Rediscovering Harry: The Deathly Hallows [re-direct to Mind the Gap]

I’M DONE MY HARRY POTTER RE-READ AND I’M AN EMOTIONAL WRECK (but also counting down the days until my Cursed Child pre-order ships!). Click here to read my last Rediscovering Harry post on Mind the Gap!


It’s not a break-up, it’s a hiatus

Hello readers of this blog!

Just wanted to update: starting today (June 1st), I won’t be posting as much here, except for the occasional concert or ARC review. I’m dedicating more time to my baby (aka Mind the Gap), so you can find me there pretty much all the time. It’s chock-full of pop culture so if you’ve liked anything I’ve written here, I’m sure you can find something interesting there – including today’s post which is, of course, about The 1975 :)

Thanks for reading!

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