I wish that I could be like the cool kids

On Thursday, we had what we referred to as our “first official concert of 2015”. Now, technically we’ve already been to a show (when we saw Wynton Marsalis in February), but since that was a sit-down, out-of-our-normal-genre show, it didn’t really count.

So we kicked off the 2015 concert season with Echosmith!


Noah, Sydney, Jamie, and Graham

They’re a Californian band of four siblings, and if you think they look young, you’re right. The oldest, Jamie, is 21, and the youngest, Graham, is 16. Which basically means that 3/4 of the audience felt old, myself included.

The opening band, The Colourist, was very good. We saw them last year when they opened for Panic! at the Disco, and I remember being impressed by their female singer-drummer. They worked really well as the opener for this tour, because they have a similar sound to Echosmith.

Echosmith came out just after 7:30pm, and they were excellent. They’re young, but they’re so talented and they sold out the Mod Club, which is super impressive considering it was their first headlining tour.

I think it’s really cute that they’re siblings and their familial bond makes for tight-knit, energetic performances. There were no blips or awkward moments and, while they didn’t talk too much, they made sure to show their enthusiasm and gratitude to the audience.

Plus they brought out a giant cello for “Bright”! More bands need to bring out classical instruments because it’s awesome.

Ro and I were especially excited to hear “Cool Kids” which is ridiculously catchy, and they made it even better by introducing the song with a talk about how it’s okay to be yourself and how you can achieve happiness when you accept “who you are and who you’re not”. It was a sweet, uplifting moment, and I’m really glad they took the time to boost their fans’ confidence.

My favourite moment came at the very end. When they left the stage for the encore, I turned to Ro and said, “They can’t possibly leave, they haven’t played ‘Nothing’s Wrong’ yet.” And lo and behold, a minute later, they came back out and said, “We have one more song for you. This is called ‘Nothing’s Wrong’!” and I screamed and I’m pretty sure no one else did, but that’s okay because I was really excited and the song lived up to my expectations.

And then it was over and it was only 9pm. So sure, it was an early show, but I didn’t actually mind because secretly I’m 85 years old and I just want to be in bed by 10pm.

In all seriousness, it was a fantastic show, and I highly recommend giving Echosmith a listen, especially if you’re a fan of Two Door Cinema Club, Bombay Bicycle Club, or even Taylor Swift. This band will probably make it big in a couple of years and I encourage you to keep an eye on them.

I’m a nightmare dressed like a daydream

A couple of weeks ago, I considered handing in my “pop punk 4 life” card. Why? Because I listened to a Taylor Swift song – and I liked it.

I often say that I don’t like Taylor Swift. But, while I’ve never been her biggest fan, I haven’t always disliked her.

I actually didn’t mind “Love Story” or even “You Belong to Me” when they first came out. Catchy and cute, even if the lyrics didn’t have a lot of substance. But then I worked at a bookstore where we listened to Taylor Swift ALL DAY, EVERY DAY, and after that, I screamed whenever I heard one of her songs. Me + country = not the perfect combination (I must confess to having a soft spot for Carrie Underwood though).

That being said, it still hurts my heart a little that I like one of her songs. It’s hella catchy, though, and there are some good lines (i.e. the title of this post is one of the best lyrics I’ve heard in a straight-up pop song in a long time).

Luckily, the post-hardcore band Our Last Night released a cover a couple of days after I first listened to “Blank Space”.

So I’ll probably just listen to this version all the time and pretend like I didn’t download 1989 and I certainly haven’t spent the last two weeks sporadically listening to the original…

Because you know I’m all about that bass

Once again, I find myself extremely late to the party, but I can’t help myself: I really like Meghan Trainor’s “All About That Bass”.

I’m sure you’ve heard it before. It’s playing everywhere – either the original or one of the innumerable parodies that are floating around.

I like it because:

1) like most people, I see it as a positive song. Basically, she’s saying you’re perfect, even if you’re not a size zero, which is a refreshing and much needed message.

and also

2) I genuinely am “all about that bass”…by which I mean I flippin’ love bass lines and bassists and even the word “bass”. BASS!

Plus, I like that old-school “doo wop” vibe – that’s one of the reasons I listen to Olly Murs.

As if those weren’t decent enough reasons, there’s this amazing tidbit: actor Ed Westwick took advantage of the song’s popularity and his Gossip Girl character’s lasting impression and created a hilarious shirt with proceeds going to charity:

Let’s be real, Chuck Bass was far and away the best part of Gossip Girl (especially the later seasons).