Amsterdam BrewHouse

Amsterdam BrewHouse

On Wednesday, Ro and I went to the Manchester City vs Toronto FC game (because sometimes we like to watch sports. It’s rare, but it happens). Before the game, we went to the Amsterdam Brewery. We’ve been there before, a couple of years ago, but apparently much of the menu has changed since last time.


I had basically decided on pizza as soon as we walked past the kitchen and saw someone else’s order. This one had white sauce, mozzarella, brie, smoked bacon, chicken, baby spinach, and roasted garlic. The roasted garlic made it taste like garlic bread, which wasn’t a bad thing.


Ro had the pan seared tuna sandwich. It was a very large chunk of fish which, on the one hand, was worth the price. On the other, it looked a bit cumbersome to eat, and the inside was still very pink. I guess that’s the way one is supposed to eat tuna, but since we’re the type of people who fry the heck out of a steak, it was a little unexpected. Consequently, t had a bit of sushi/sashimi taste.


For dessert, I had the flourless chocolate torte. The thing I’ve noticed about flourless desserts is that they always tend to be denser: this one was basically a soft chocolate block. Since I have a chocolate problem, I had no trouble finishing it, even though I ended up feeling very full.


Ro had the strawberry shortcake. The “cake” was more like a biscuit or a scone, and it was surprisingly yummy! It was also just a pretty plate, and, as everyone knows, presentation is very important.

I didn’t take a picture of them, but we followed our meals with, of course, drinks: I had the Sweetwater Squeeze Radler (which was orange, even though we were expecting it to be red because it was made with blood orange juice), and Ro had the Downtown Brown Ale.

Final verdict: Satisfied! I remember feeling unsatisfied with our meal the last time we were there, but this time made up for it. I haven’t decided if this pizza was better than the one at Factory Girl, but it was definitely tasty.

Whelan’s Gate

Whelan’s Gate

On Tuesday, whilst on our way to the Mad Miss Mimic launch, Ro and I had dinner at Whelan’s Gate. The main floor is tiny (though the upstairs is much bigger), but what it lacks in size, it makes up for in taste.

Don’t let the short menu fool you: the food was, in a word, delicious.

We had two different types of chicken wings:


This one, which I ordered, is the South Carolina BBQ Wings, featuring mustard scotch bonnet sauce. It was lightly breaded and had a kick to it (courtesy of the scotch bonnet peppers). It was crispy and the batter wasn’t overwhelming. I also liked that it was full wings – with the weird pointy tip – and not just half a wing (or small drumstick), like you would normally get.


Ro got the Hunters Whole Wings which were coated in herbed barbecue sauce, spicy ranch, and parmesan. Again, the coating was light yet flavourful, and the addition of the parmesan kicked it up a notch.

We got the crispy fried cauliflower on the side; the bottom of the dish is full of blue cheese mayo and it was a tangy delight.


We tried Brickworks Cider, which was the only cider they had on tap. It’s a (relatively) local dry cider and, while it has the colour of straight apple juice, it was surprisingly good. The Brickworks website describes it as a “UK style cider”, and, as someone who drinks her fair share of UK-based ciders, I definitely agree.

We were the only ones in the pub at that time (it was before 6pm on a Tuesday, so we weren’t shocked by the lack of people), and the waitress was super nice and very accommodating. Plus they had a solid playlist, which added to the casual atmosphere.

Final verdict:  Very satisfied! Those were some of the best chicken wings I’ve ever had (both types!) and the cauliflower was an excellent side. The portions were also bigger than expected and everything was very fresh (and possibly local? I can’t remember). If we weren’t on our way to an actual event, we probably would have stayed longer (and had a few more drinks – their cocktails sound fascinating). It’s a bit out of the way – it’s just off the subway line, but pretty much in the middle of nowhere – and it’d probably be worth the trek once in a while.