All you sinners stand up sing Hallelujah

I’ve said many times that I’m a massive Panic! at the Disco fan.

Needless to say, when a new song was released two weeks ago, I was singing “hallelujah” and pressing the replay button all day. I’ve always loved Brendon’s voice and he continues to be majestic in this song.

I find it funny when people say “whoa, Panic! still exists?”. Because clearly the people who don’t know Panic! still exists are the same people who don’t know me very well. I talk about them all the time.

So let’s clear the air: yes, Panic! still exists. Yes, Brendon Urie is the only original member left in the band (I’ll miss you, Spencer!) but Dallon Weekes (formerly of The Brobecks) has been a member since 2011, so it’s not the “Brendon Urie solo project”. Yes, they are planning on releasing a new album later this year.

And yes, I still love them.

Their sound changes so often, it’s next to impossible to predict what their next single/album is going to sound like, but this song, to me, has that uniquely Panic! flavour. It might not be what I expected (though it does have a similar vibe to Brendon’s collaboration with Travie McCoy, “Keep on Keeping On”), but any new music from Panic! is a cause for celebration in my world.

New Music Round-Up: March 2015

A couple of weeks ago, I had the best “new music” week ever: singles from All Time Low, The Maine, and Muse!

This resulting in me wondering if I had perhaps died and gone to “awesome new music” heaven i.e. I felt like this:


Kids in the Dark – All Time Low

Admittedly, this video kinda reminds me of You Me At Six’s “Lived a Lie” (at least the part with the band in the studio, not the paint-splattered kids), but I’m actually okay with that.

It’s an excellent song; I feel the same way about this as I did about “Something’s Gotta Give“: it’s fairly poppy, but the lyrics are totally vintage ATL.

Miles Away – The Maine

Ahh, why are they so cute?! Again, poppier than 2013’s Forever Halloween, but makes perfect sense with “English Girls“.

Also, I’ve been trying to find The Maine lyrics that I’d want tattooed (there are just so many options), but this song has pretty much cemented “in my mind, I’m miles away” as the perfect choice.

Psycho – Muse

Muse is back, baby!

I’ve seen a lot of comments/reviews complaining about the sub-par lyrics (fine, “your ass belongs to me” isn’t the most eloquent thing Matt Bellamy has ever said/sung), but that riff is classic Muse (no, literally; they’ve been playing it live as an outro (I think?) to “Stockholm Syndrome” for years), so it evens out.

I remember hearing “Madness” for the first time before 2012’s The 2nd Law came out and being surprised at the direction they were going in. This single marks a return to their old sound; some comments have compared it to Black Holes & Revelations-era songs and since that’s my favourite Muse album, I’m even more excited for Drones now.

Heavy metal broke my heart but I’ve never been in love before

A couple of weeks ago, Fall Out Boy, after a few days of teasing, released their new single, “Centuries”:

MASSIVE is the only word I can think of to describe this song. I don’t even know how many times I’ve listened to this since it came out.

Since they’re still riding high from last year’s Save Rock & Roll, they didn’t need to make a “comeback”, but if they did…this would have been the perfect song to start with. It’s a natural progression from SRAR while still being new/different enough that it’s not just a regurgitation of a previous single. Plus, Patrick Stump’s range is incredible – every time you think he’s sung as high as he can, he comes out with something like this.

About a week or so before FOB’s new song, Cobra Starship finally released new music for the first time since 2011’s Night Shades, with a radio-ready single, “Never Been in Love Before”:

I’ve been anxiously waiting for new Cobra music – unlike FOB, they never officially announced a hiatus, but the lack of music seemed to indicate that they weren’t doing anything. I have to admit, I wasn’t a huge fan of Night Shades and was really hoping for something more in the vein of 2009’s Hot Mess, or – ideally, in a perfect world – 2007’s Viva la Cobra.

I don’t love this single. It sounds like generic pop song and, if I hadn’t known going in who it was, I would not have recognized Gabe Saporta’s voice. I’m all for bands trying new sounds and I completely understand being influenced by other bands but this single, to me, doesn’t even have a Cobra vibe. All in all, a little disappointing. I’ve only listened to it 3, maybe 4 times, and each time I feel a little sad. I desperately wanted to like it, but I just can’t.