Tattoo Thursday

I’ve decided that today is “Tattoo Thursday”. Why? Because yesterday I got my fourth tattoo! But also because it’s my birthday and I’ll do what I want!

I’m actually 25, but this is close enough.

August 2012


My first tattoo – Jack Skellington from The Nightmare Before Christmas. I often talk about how much I love Jack, so it made perfect sense to get his face permanently inked on me.

April 2014

Last year on my birthday, I finally convinced my sister Ro to get matching tattoos with me (I’m Reckless, she’s Brave). There are two layers to these tattoos:

1) The “VI” symbolizes one of our favourite bands, You Me At Six, and “Reckless” is my favourite YMAS song.

2) “The Reckless and the Brave” is a song by another fave band, All Time Low, and it was the perfect way to combine our love for two bands.

August 2014


I wrote an entire post about the album behind this tattoo when I got it last summer, but it’s a Panic! at the Disco reference (“Nine in the Afternoon”), plus I’ve always liked pocket watches.

April 2015

quarter sleeveI’m referring to this as my “quarter sleeve” (not quite a half sleeve, but still more than just a single tattoo). I got this yesterday and it’s gorgeous (though it was gruesomely bloody before I took the bandage off). It’s Alice’s Adventures in Wonderlandthemed (“we’re all mad here” is one of my favourite quotes) plus it went really well with my pocket watch and I also love drinking tea, so it has multiple meanings!

And there you have it! Those are my four tattoos, but trust me when I say I have a thousand other ideas (which include, but are not limited to: the Deathly Hallows symbol, Calvin & Hobbes, Adventure Time, the VFD/eye symbol from A Series of Unfortunate Events, song lyrics, and a Neil Gaiman quote).

How about you, readers? Do you have any tattoos? Do you want any? Let me know in the comments!

Versatile Blogger Award!

I realize this is like my 1354068th post of the day, but you guys! The very kind Laura (Tea Time Reads) nominated me for the Versatile Blogger Award! This was most unexpected, but I feel absurdly honoured. Thanks, Laura! Please go check out her blog! :)


How it works:

  1. Thank the blogger who nominated you
  2. Share 10 random facts about yourself
  3. Nominate 10 other bloggers who are relatively new to blogging (& you like!)

So here are 10 Random Facts About Me:

  1. “bellsiebooks” was coined by my oldest niece. My eldest sister (I have two sisters and a brother) nicknamed me Bella when I was little; when my niece was about 3, she realized that “Bella” and “book” both start with a “b”, so she combined it and pronounced it to be my new name.
  2. I’m currently interning at a children’s book publisher, and I can honestly say it’s my dream job. I live for YA and children’s books.
  3. I also dream of being an author; I’ve written one YA novel so far (though it’s in it’s fourth major revision), and I have about 10 other ideas floating around in various states (some have about 50 rough pages, while others are no more than a named document).
  4. I love love LOVE music and going to concerts. If I come home sweaty and/or without a voice, then I know it’s been a good show.
  5. My favourite movie of all time is The Nightmare Before Christmas. I love Tim Burton and I’m trying to watch all of his movies (I own most of them).
  6. I often work Adventure Time quotes or Scrubs references into every day conversation. And I somehow manage to turn almost any music-based conversation into a discussion about You Me At Six.
  7. I currently have three tattoos, have a consultation booked for a fourth, and have plans for at least five more. In my spare time, I fantasize about having enough money to spend on a full-coloured sleeve.
  8. I have a ridiculous collection of tea, most of it from England. Twinings Earl Grey was the first flavour I liked and it’s still one of my favourites.
  9. I also have a ridiculous collection of Converse sneakers, and one day I hope to have one pair of shoes for every colour of the rainbow.
  10. Sometimes I write for idobi radio (an alternative/pop-punk online radio station), and recently I’ve been collaborating with my friend Jane on music reviews (so far we’ve done a review of a Bleachers concert, and a track-by-track discussion of Fall Out Boy’s American Beauty/American Psycho).


I don’t know that many blogs, so I’ve picked five random ones that I follow :)
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It’s nine in the afternoon, your eyes are the size of the moon

When I was 17, I started listening to Panic! at the Disco.

I’ve talked about them at least 3 times since I started this blog a year ago, including last week when I saw them live for the sixth time.

As dramatic as it sounds, I don’t think it’s a stretch to say that they’ve changed my life – in terms of what music I listen to, which, in turn has also helped shape me into who I am.

This weekend, after seven years of desperately wanting to (permanently) show my love for them, I got a tattoo.

IMAG0278It’s a pocket watch set to nine o’clock, or as I refer to it, “nine in the afternoon”. This is the song that inspired it:

Now, since this is Music Monday and not Tattoo Tuesday (although I’m considering making “Tattoo Tuesday” a thing, if only so that I can talk about all the tattoos I have/want), let’s bring this post back to music.

Pretty.Odd. was Panic!’s second album. It came out in March 2008, three years after 2005’s A Fever You Can’t Sweat Out, and it was a dramatic shift in sound.

At the time, I had been a fan for about a year and was devoted to all things Panic! (um, I still kinda am). So I basically memorized the leaked version before the actual album came out and for months (years?) after, I would sing the (largely nonsensical) lyrics as if my life depended on it.

There’s an oft-told story of one time when we were driving to Quebec, and it was raining really hard, and everyone else in the car was like “we’re going to drown, this is terrible!” but I was sitting in the back seat blithely singing along to “That Green Gentleman”.

Pretty.Odd. was an album that largely divided fans. Some people preferred the mellow, hippie-like quality of most of the songs, while others missed the theatrical, vaguely vaudevillian sound that made Panic! stand out in the first place. I loved this album at the time, but now, after six years, a split within the band (it’s still too soon to talk about when Ryan Ross and Jon Walker left), two albums, and multiple tours, I realize that I barely listen to it anymore. They usually only play “Nine in the Afternoon” live, though I think their first album tour post-split (for 2011’s Vices & Virtues, which is my favourite P!ATD album), they played “That Green Gentleman”.

There are songs that I think still hold up: “NITA”, “TGG”, even “Northern Downpour” (if you can listen to it without wanting to cry).

“Mad as Rabbits”, for all its nonsensical lyrics, is also pretty solid, but songs like “Behind the Sea” (the only song fully sung by Ryan Ross) or “She’s a Handsome Woman” (which was never my favourite to begin with) tend to fall flat, even after a long time without listening to them.

What does this song even mean?!

Although, I just looked at the track list again for the first time in forever, and I actually quite like most of the songs. I think you need to be in a certain mood to listen to Pretty.Odd.; while I generally throw on Panic! whenever the fancy strikes, this particular era requires a more mellow frame of mind.