I’m sorry I don’t laugh at the right times

This Wednesday (the 16th) was my birthday and I celebrated in the best way possible: a new tattoo (Ro FINALLY agreed to get matching tattoos!), a new piercing, and a concert. We saw The Wonder Years on what can only be described as the most pop-punk tour of the year (I’d say it’s rivalled only by the Man Overboard/Transit tour next month, but I’m probably not going to it, so it doesn’t count).

I don’t know who’s who except the singer (the bearded on in the middle) is Dan “Soupy” Campbell.

I decided to give TWY a chance a few months ago – partially because I found out they were playing Toronto on my birthday, but also because they’ve toured/worked with a lot of other bands that I listen to. I describe them as “All Time Low meets Blink 182 with a dash of New Found Glory and a hint of seriousness”. In other words, they’re great! Not one of my favourite bands ever, but their four-album catalogue is pretty solid.

The first band to go on was Modern Baseball. We missed part of their set due to standing in line, but they were okay. Very young though – like, they literally had to take a semester off from college to do this tour.

Next was Citizen. All the opening bands had a similar vibe: college-kid pop-punk, is what I’d call it (that’s mainly a compliment).

RealFriends came on after Citizen. I’ve heard a lot about RealFriends and was interested in seeing them. I liked what I heard, but all their songs seemed to end very abruptly. Like, just as I was getting into it, they crashed to a halt and paused to chat. They’re on my list of “bands to see if we have time” for this summer’s Warped Tour, which means I’ll check them out again in a few months.

Fireworks was the last opening band. I’ve seen them before (opening for All Time Low in January 2013), and they were pretty much the same as I remembered them. They seemed a little more upbeat this time, and I know they just released an album, so I’ll probably give them another listen.

Finally, The Wonder Years came out. As I mentioned, they aren’t my most favourite band in the whole world (not even my most favourite pop-punk band), but they are enjoyable. They sound the same live as they do recorded (in a good way). The crowd lost their minds when TWY came out, so it was fun watching how other people reacted to them – you kinda feel excited just from association. I don’t think I’ve ever seen quite that many crowd surfers/stage divers in my life.

If I’m in an airport and you’re in a hospital bed, well that what kind of man does that make me?

All in all, it was a fun show (and the perfect way to celebrate my birthday!) and it only served to increase my overall enjoyment and appreciation of The Wonder Years.