Creative Blogger Award!

I do not know what’s happening, but I’ve been nominated for another award – and by three different people!

Thank you so much to Rachael (Reading Rachael)Jade (bookmuffin), and Jay (The Wolf of Starbucks) for the nominations! Please go check out their blogs! :)
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Five Facts About Me:

  1. I played the flute all throughout high school and, despite being great at reading sheet music for my flute, I can’t read notes for other instruments without over-thinking it (even piano, which is weird because pianos and flutes play in literally the same key i.e. no transposing necessary).
  2. I was born on an Easter Monday and my birthday often falls during the Easter season (not this year, though…).
  3. I’ve seen The Phantom of the Opera five different times: the 2004 movie was my first viewing, followed by shows in Toronto, Las Vegas, London, and New York. I’ve also read an English translation of the original Gaston Leroux novel, and (regrettably) watched the filmed performance of the truly awful sequel, Love Never Dies.
  4. Pandas have always been my favourite animals, but I also love owls, meerkats, and hedgehogs.
  5. I prefer physical CDs to downloading mp3s, but I’ll do whatever it takes to add to my music collection.


I swear I’m working on following more blogs. Here are 10 (some may have already been nominated!):

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The Phantom of the Opera (is here)

So remember yesterday when I talked about the song “Masquerade?” Well, today I’ve decided to talk a little bit about the show it comes from: The Phantom of the Opera.

The movie trailer – not quite the same as the stage show, but close enough for our purposes.

As I mentioned, it’s my favourite theatre show. I’ve seen it four times in four locations: Toronto (2007), Las Vegas (2012), London (2012), and New York (2013).

I also read Gaston Leroux’s original novel (an English translation. My French probably isn’t that good) and marveled at the plot points left out of the stage production (like the Persian who, I believe, is simply referred to as “the Persian”).

While the story itself is good – and tragic – the music is really what makes it so phenomenal.

Here are my top five favourite songs:

1) “Masquerade”, obviously

2) “Angel of Music” (up to and including “The Mirror”)

3) “The Phantom of the Opera” and 4) “The Music of the Night”

5) “Think of Me”

BONUS: The ending. The chair, and the mask, and the way the music swells for that final moment…I’m tearing up just thinking about it.

I really do love the Phantom, he’s so misunderstood (like, yeah, stalking is a big no-no, but if no one taught him what love is/how to love someone without being creepy, how was he supposed to know how to treat Christine??).

P.S. Raoul’s a jerk. Maybe not a jerk, but the whole thing really is his fault.

There’s a new tour that I hope will end up in Toronto. I’ve read reviews and apparently certain things have changed (this trailer shows the “Masquerade” scene happening on a completely different set), so that worries me. However, most reviews have also said the chandelier’s descent is much more remarkable (and it was pretty good to begin with).


Paper faces on parade

The other day, my mom and I were watching part of The Phantom of the Opera on TV. It’s easily my most favourite show of all time – I’ve seen it live four times, plus my first viewing was the movie (sidenote: having seen it live, I’d have to say Gerard Butler (in the movie) is my least favourite Phantom. He has a decent voice, but it’s not as powerful as most of the live performances) (sidenote 2: I almost referred to him as “Gerard Way” by accident, then thought the former MCR-frontman would probably make a killer Phantom…I’ll wait here while you imagine it.)

Anyway, we stopped watching it after a few minutes, partially because my mom wanted to sleep, but also because by the time we turned it on, we had already missed my favourite scene: “Masquerade”.

This song is my (theatrical) jam. I love the set, the costumes, the entire process and production. And the words themselves are pretty evocative – even if you can’t physically see the whirls of colour, you can imagine them.

I get this song stuck in my head all the time (basically any time someone mentions The Phantom of the Opera); it is, in my opinion, one of the best scenes in musical theatre.