You gotta show the world that something good can work

Part 2 of my concert TRIFECTA was last night – Two Door Cinema Club (again at the Mod Club).

There’s a story behind this particular show (which was the last show we bought tickets for, thus completing the TRIFECTA):

TDCC is also playing today (October 15). We bought tickets months ago and were like “woooo, this is gonna be great!” Then You Me At Six announced their ONE CANADIAN DATE ON THE SAME DAY, AND I WAS LIKE :

This gif gets me every time.

It’s against my nature to see another band if YMAS is in town. So we reluctantly set aside our TDCC tickets, whispering, “Next time, gentlemen.”

Cut to last month when they added a SECOND “intimate” show at the Mod Club. Needless to say, we got tickets as soon as pre-sale started.

Sam, Alex, Kevin

St. Lucia opened and they were head-boppingly fun! Thankfully before they went on, the club opened up the balcony  РRo and I ended up in the same spot we had for The 1975 (oddly enough, the exact same couple sat beside us so we chortled merrily upon recognition). This show was also sold out and the crowd looked even crazier than it had on Sunday.

Two Door Cinema Club went on at 10pm – which was later than I hoped (I mean, I have to “work” today), but they too were excellent!

It’s incredibly difficult to stand still during a TDCC song. I’ve listened to their first album more than the second, but that didn’t affect my overall enjoyment. They didn’t talk too much, which was a shame as they are Irish, but they did wish us a Happy Thanksgiving :) And they played for an hour-and-a-bit, during which the crowd did not stop moving!

It’s fun to people-watch from the balcony, especially when it’s not one of “my” bands (we often divide bands in “Sam’s” or “Ro’s”, depending on which one of us first discovered/introduced them to the other). Watching the crowd lose their minds – jumping, screaming, flailing – gives me an idea of what I look like at a show (i.e. what I’m going to look like tonight when I’m standing on the outer edges of a circle pit).

I guess I don’t have much to say about them apart from what a great job they did. I’m just glad we got a chance to see TDCC this weekend! And I would definitely see them again!