I’m married to the music, for better or for worse

You know the show you went to was incredible when you wake up with a throbbing headache and a creaky voice.

Last night was part three of our TRIFECTA, and we couldn’t have asked for a better finale.


I have a ridiculous amount of love for these guys: Max, Dan, Josh, Chris, and Matt.

I’ve talked about You Me At Six several times on Music Mondays alone, but there is something about them that just makes me crazy. I lose my mind at a lot of shows (namely The Maine and All Time Low), but YMAS is NEXT LEVEL (i.e. I’m surprised I make it out of the venue with my pants still on).

This was the sixth time I’ve seen them, and every time they impress me even more. They are a great opening band, they do well as a middle band in a lineup, but they are phenomenal as a headliner.

For their first official headlining tour across America (Toronto was their only Canadian date), they brought along three other bands:

Dinosaur Pileup – we only saw the last 2 minutes of their set because we had been drinking (in our defense, the line before doors opened literally stretched around the block. Also I had just met Josh and Dan and therefore forgot how to live. More on that in a minute.)

Conditions – who I actually quite enjoy! I had heard them a couple of times on Idobi Radio, and was pleased when they were announced as support.

This song is sooooo good.

And Tonight Alive, who just joined the tour a few nights ago (they replaced Cute Is What We Aim For who I kinda wanted to see) – I saw them at Warped this past summer and wasn’t very impressed, but they clearly stepped up their live show because they were fantastic! (I wish I could jump as high as Jenna. I also wish I was in a band like Jenna. Heck, I sorta wish I was Australian, like Jenna).

YMAS came out and I promptly lost my mind. When a show is really really good, or when you’re seeing a band you’re obsessed with, there’s a moment – usually within the first couple of songs – where you forget where you are and who’s around you and all your problems disappear and nothing else matters except screaming the song as loud as you can. That’s what happens every time I see YMAS. It also helped that they opened with my MOST FAVOURITE SONG EVER.

I jumped and screamed and sang and sorta felt bad for the people behind/in front of me because everyone was in danger of my flailing arms, but I physically can’t help myself at a YMAS show. It’s just not possible.

Obviously, my favourite songs were “Reckless” and “Take Off Your Colours” (“TOYC” was one of the first YMAS song I ever heard – it was why I really started listening to them), but one of the best songs live is, hands down, “Bite My Tongue”. This is the song where everyone loses their inhibitions and just go completely insane.

Oli Sykes’ little screaming bit (starts around 2:13) is the reason I tried listening to Bring Me the Horizon again (and now I love ’em). But Josh screaming that part live = me dead.

Let’s just say I had to take my glasses off for this song. And then I almost lost them because my face was so sweaty. Also my hair exploded out of my hair-tie. BUT IT WAS WORTH IT.

I could talk about this show for hours. I could talk about this band for even longer. But why take my word for it – go see them next time they’re in town and judge them for yourself.

P.S.: As I mentioned, I met Josh and Dan. Not really “met” so much as awkwardly ambushed them when they were trying to buy food. But they were both really nice (Dan gave me an extra hug and I died!! Josh called me “love” (since it’s a Briticism, I imagined it spelled like “luv”) AND I DIED TWICE)  and we took pictures and this is what I looked like for the rest of the night:



There is only one thing in life worse than being talked about, and that is not being talked about:

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